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Ambliopia 411

Amblyopia 411

Amblyopia 411 is a public education program sponsored by the Children’s Eye Foundation. The Goals of Amblyopia 411 are to offer correct and clinically researched information on amblyopia diagnosis and treatment, support and useful information related to treatment of amblyopia and provide a location for parents (and other caregivers) to share their successes and struggles with other parents for support and further education.

What is Amblyopia?

How is Amblyopia Detected?

A parent or primary care physician may notice either poor vision or strabismus. Primary care physicians routinely screen for amblyopia. Amblyopia is sometimes detected on pre-school vision screening.

When and how is Amblyopia treated?

Amblyopia is treated during childhood and the earlier the age the better the treatment result. Usually, by the age of 9-10 years, the visual system is stable and the vision does not improve much with treatment. However, vision improvement can occur up to 17 years in some cases.

What are the types of Amblyopia?

The types and causes of amblyopia are: Strabismic amblyopia, deprivation amblyopia, refractive amblyopia, or a combination of the three. All forms of amblyopia result in reduced vision in the effected eye (s).

Can both eyes have Amblyopia?

Yes. When there are equal amounts of high refractive error, both eyes may have poor vision (bilateral amblyopia) even when wearing glasses. Constant wear of glasses is very important and vision is checked frequently. Vision typically improves but may take several years.