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CEF’s mission and our unwavering focus today are the same as in 1970: to be a leading public voice promoting early detection and treatment of eye conditions in children through the trustworthy authority of AAPOS, and to foster the education and research of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus experts so that children can get the best care possible – to eliminate preventable blindness in children.

Since 1970, CEF has raised over $3 million in funding and implemented programs that have supported pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus-expert training, education and research, and provided public education to promote early detection and expert care of vision-threatening eye diseases.

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Travel grants, research grants, and awards are just a taste of the comprehensive programs that support the pediatric ophthalmology profession.

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Children’s Eye Foundation (CEF) was founded by pediatric ophthalmologists (the same founding fathers that created AAPOS). CEF was purposefully created for the profession of pediatric ophthalmology to improve eye care in children. “We want to get more children screened and into the care of a pediatric ophthalmologist so they can be treated when treatment is not only possible but has the greatest chance of being successful.”

– Dr. David Epley, President of CEF, Past President of AAPOS

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CEF: New & Improved for the Future

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”                         –Robert Siltanen CEF and AAPOS thrive today because our DNA is marked by people who had the courage and conviction to create magnificent change – to create a subspecialty to make life better for children and for...
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Meet SeeMore, CEF’s New All-Seeing Mascot

SeeMore is a smart, spunky owl perched high above to help spot the silent, sneaky thief of kids’ sight: amblyopia. SeeMore also helps CEF spread information to young parents wondering how to keep their child’s eyes healthy, and to people seeking information about a curious symptom or to learn about an eye condition.   SeeMore...
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A Simple Screening Can Save Sight

Amblyopia steals sight. It is the #1 cause of preventable permanent vision loss in children in the US.  It is so sneaky it can hide from even the most attentive parents and pediatricians. CEF’s mascot, SeeMore is perched above, reminding parents to SCREEN EYES EARLY (SEE).  Vision screening can spot amblyopia and other diseases early,...
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