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Avery Has Peter’s Anomaly

Avery was born with a rather severe case of bilateral Peter's Anomaly and severe glaucoma.

Avery's parents were shocked and heartbroken to learn these diagnosis, and so scared for her future. Avery's mom remembers, "Thankfully, we have have had wonderful vision doctors/specialists working with us from day one, and they decided after her first exam under anesthesia (at three weeks old), that cornea transplants in both eyes would be necessary, as well as Ahmed valves to control the pressures in her eyes. She underwent a rough road through the entire summer of 2010, including three cornea graft operations, several operations to implant and repair the valves, an operation to remove her lenses, which were being destructive to the other parts of the eye. Needless to say, things were looking bad for a long time. The doctors did not seem to give us any good news, and we were prepared to raise a child who would be blind." 

Then, one day in August, at a regular check-up with Avery's cornea specialist, Avery's parents received some much-needed good news. They were told that Avery's corneal surfaces were starting to show good progress, and eventually, they finally healed completely. Avery was then able to get fitted for glasses and from then on, Avery's vision health has improved. Her parents were unsure if she'd ever see her toys, or be able to look at their faces, and now they have been given those gifts.

Avery's mom says, "While her exact vision is still uncertain, and her future is always unknown, we have been so encouraged by her progress, and we are in awe of her strength in her short, 10-month life. We have had a hard experience, but we hope that we can take what we learned and went through and use it to help others going through this situation. There is nothing more helpful than the support of others, especially if they can relate to you and encourage you along your journey."