At this year’s annual AAPOS meeting in Nashville, the Children’s Eye Foundation is kicking it up a notch!  As they say, when in Tennessee…. have a Country Shindig!  This will be a special evening to celebrate the champions and visionaries of pediatric ophthalmology as we recognize this year’s Parks Silver Medal recipient, Dr. Al...
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Who Is Your Hero In Pediatric Ophthalmology And Strabismus?    Learn about extraordinary people who devoted their lives to improving vision care for children, so that every child can have a life with good sight. Discover the magnificent scientific discoveries in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus that have opened doors to better care of children’s eye...
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  One in 20 children will have a serious eye problem that needs to be treated by a specialist, a pediatric ophthalmologist.  A pediatric ophthalmologist is a medical and surgical doctor who graduated from medical school and specializes in the care of children’s eyes. Children’s Eye Foundation has an army of over 1,800 experts in kids eye care...
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