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Every kid deserves a #SeeMoreSmile



I will never forget the moment we were able to take the eye shields off of my baby girl after her eye surgery. For the first time in her little life, she could actually see mom and dad. It was a bigger smile than I’d ever seen before. And what a joy it is to work with Children’s Eye Foundation, who works to make sure every child with a childhood vision condition gets the care they need so they too can light up when they first discover their surroundings.

What a gift it is that she has a #SeeMoreSmile. These beautiful smiles are the result of good, quality eye care. Every kid deserves the chance to smile from ear to ear!


The Children’s Eye Foundation proudly salutes the incredible pediatric ophthalmology doctors and practices that care for these children.

And to help us make sure every family knows the importance of early vision screening and timely eye care, our spunky owl SeeMore is here to help spot the silent, sneaky thief of kids’ sight: amblyopia. SeeMore helps CEF spread information to young parents wondering how to keep their child’s eyes healthy, to people seeking information about a curious symptom, or to learn about an eye condition. Print our Parent Checklist to learn more about signs of vision conditions and what to ask your doctor.

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