Happy Halloween from CEF!!! – Children's Eye Foundation of AAPOS

Happy Halloween from CEF!!!


Happy Halloween from the Children’s Eye Foundation!

Encore Post! Halloween is such a fun time for so many families and we hope our helpful information will make your holiday the best one yet!

Fall is such a fun time and Halloween is a big part of celebrating the season! As we’re helping our kids, big and small, think about and put together costumes, we wanted to share some helpful hints, fun ideas and things to look out for as you get ready to say “Trick or Treat!”

It’s an amazing time to imagine being an entirely different person. Make believe is such a fun part of childhood. How amazing would it be if that imagination focused on really fun characters who also patch, or wear glasses?


Coming up with a great costume idea for kids who wear glasses or patch doesn’t have to be as scary as a ghost! We found a couple of fun articles with great ideas. Check out this one and that one! Or, is your kiddo a big reader? Here’s a fun list of book characters who wear glasses too!

Some of our favorites are Harry Potter, Sadness (Inside Out), Barb (Stranger Things), Ben Franklin, Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Old Man from UP, anyone Super–man, girl, Incredible family, or your own special super power! Or might we even suggest dressing up as our own spunky mascot, SeeMore!

Patching can also be an awesome part of a costume! Marvel hero Nick Fury, a favorite pirate or renowned glass designer Dale Chihuly are all fun ideas.

It’s also important to be aware of the health risks that can come along with over the counter costume contacts. Few people are aware of the dangers associated with these contacts. Read from the AAO (The American Academy of Ophthalmology) about the hidden dangers of decorative lenses as well as their article on the 4 ways they can harm your vision.

And it’s always a good reminder that glasses and patches can truly be a part of any costume! Kids’ eyes are always important and vision care and treatment can be incorporated in so many ways!


We love connecting parents with good ideas and reliable information! And we’d love to see what you come up with! Send your cute kiddo’s picture to info@childrenseyefoundation.org and we can feature it in a follow up post!