John D. (Jack) Baker, MD Retires as Chairman of the Children’s Eye Foundation – Children's Eye Foundation of AAPOS

John D. (Jack) Baker, MD Retires as Chairman of the Children’s Eye Foundation



John D. “Jack” Baker, MD has served on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Eye Foundation (CEF) for 18 years. For the past 2 years, he has served as its Chairman, helping usher the Foundation into a new era. Under Dr. Baker’s leadership, the Foundation rebuilt its infrastructure, realigned projects, and pushed forward plans to improve integration of CEF with the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS). CEF grew in size, moved locations from Dallas to Seattle, and created and inaugurated the Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Hall of Fame. It initiated a silent auction at the AAPOS Annual Meeting, and started a tradition of celebrating the Foundation and the Parks medalists with a fundraising Gala at a local attraction where the AAPOS meeting is being held. Jack worked tirelessly to strengthen ties with AAPOS, not to mention decades of designing and implementing public service projects for the Children’s Eye Foundation, including our recent public awareness campaign, Screen Eyes Early (SEE), which is aimed at educating health care providers and the public about the importance of early detection of eye and vision problems in children.

To read more about Jack’s lifelong devotion to children and to the pediatric ophthalmology profession, view his biography in the PO&S Hall of Fame.

Although Dr. Baker is stepping down as Chairman, he will continue to advise the CEF Board. And beginning on July 1, 2017, Dr. M. Edward Wilson will take over as CEF’s new Chairman.  Stay tuned to our blog in the coming weeks for an opportunity to meet Dr. Wilson.

“Jack Baker has been a role model and mentor to me, as well as a close friend, for 30 years. His leadership style has made him an effective executive who is universally respected and admired. He has approached these responsibilities in the manner in which he has always approached teaching and patient care – with a quiet confidence and a firm but understanding manner. He listens more than he talks. It is no wonder that in addition to being a department chair and our national physicians association president, he was the first physician to ever be chosen to Chair the Board of Trustees of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Dr. Baker’s positive impact on the Children’s Eye Foundation is immeasurable! I hope I can continue to seek his wise council from time to time even as he and Susie enjoy their well-earned retirement.”
– Dr. M. Ed Wilson


The Children’s Eye Foundation thanks Dr. Baker for his years of dedicated service and for his generosity as a loyal donor. Thank you Jack!