Meet SeeMore, CEF’s New All-Seeing Mascot – Children's Eye Foundation of AAPOS

Meet SeeMore, CEF’s New All-Seeing Mascot

SeeMore is a smart, spunky owl perched high above to help spot the silent, sneaky thief of kids’ sight: amblyopia. SeeMore also helps CEF spread information to young parents wondering how to keep their child’s eyes healthy, and to people seeking information about a curious symptom or to learn about an eye condition.  

SeeMore is wise and he has big eyes, but he has an even bigger heart.  SeeMore is the heart of the Children’s Eye Foundation (CEF), a nonprofit organization created in 1970 by pediatric ophthalmologists who dedicated their lives to helping children have a life with good sight.  Today this wisdom endures through CEF’s efforts to promote early detection and expert treatment of childhood eye conditions and adult strabismus care. CEF also helps to foster the training and research of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus-expert physicians so that children with an eye condition and adults with strabismus can get the best care possible.

SeeMore’s signature is the letter E.



E is for ELIMINATING preventable blindness

Early detection and expert care give the best chance of preventing needless vision loss in children around the world.  That’s why the Children’s Eye Foundation works so hard to promote routine vision screening starting at age one, so that problems are caught as early as possible when the outcomes of treatment are best.  And it is why we fund research and education of pediatric ophthalmologists, who are medical and surgical trained children’s eye physicians, so that every child can get the best care possible.

And remember, pediatricians and pediatric ophthalmologists recommend all children get vision screening starting at age 1 to detect silent disease. 1 in 20 children will require expert care from a pediatric ophthalmologist.  CEF is the official foundation of AAPOS (the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus – the experts in children’s eye care and adult strabismus).  SeeMore says: “When you need to find trustworthy information & expert care to save kids sight, turn to CEF. You’ve got us!”