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My Daughter’s Eye Story: Why Expert Care From a Pediatric Ophthalmologist is so Important


My Daughter’s Eye Story: Why Expert Care From a Pediatric Ophthalmologist is so Important


Being a parent is no joke. Navigating the world of caring for a kiddo can be incredibly challenging and you never really know what might come your way. When my daughter Violet was born, never could I have imagined how immersed we’d become in the world of childhood vision.

When Violet was 2 months old, we were at her regular check-up with her pediatrician. When her doctor finished the exam, she asked us to wait for another doctor to come in and check out Violet’s eyes. She didn’t think it was anything huge, but wanted to have someone else offer input. At the end of the appointment, they said Violet wasn’t showing any “red reflex” in either eye and we needed to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. They reassured us that it could just be a sign of still-growing eyes.

I remember taking her to see the first pediatric ophthalmologist. I sat in the chair holding up my two-month old so the doctor could look at her eyes through all of the crazy lenses he had. He told me she had bilateral congenital cataracts and would need eye surgery as soon as possible. He referred me to another pediatric ophthalmologist who specialized in pediatric cataract surgery.


So far, Violet has had two eye surgeries. The first one to remove the lenses in her eyes and replace them with artificial ones. The second was to repair & clean up some scar tissue that had formed. She now wears little purple glasses (naturally) and visits her eye doctor about every 6 months.

In hindsight, I really had no idea what to do or where to begin. I had never worn glasses, I didn’t know the first thing about who to trust when it came to taking care of my daughter. I’m so grateful her pediatrician told us to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. They are medically and surgically trained physicians specializing in children’s eye care, and we found an incredible one who was instrumental in treating Violet’s eye problem.

Today, she’s a happy, healthy, energetic little girl. We are so fortunate to have access to fantastic care and resources. Seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist was a huge part in Violet’s long term vision success. I’m incredibly grateful for our doctor who not only knows how to treat her vision condition and but has also been a huge help in knowing how to best advocate for my daughter.

Eye problems in kids can be common, and each patient’s story is unique, but one indisputable fact is that the pediatric ophthalmologist is the best qualified eye care provider for children’s eyes. I don’t think I could emphasize enough, if your child has an eye problem, start with them, finding the best care possible is so important.


I hope that our adventure can help other families who are learning to deal with similar eye conditions. We have been so fortunate. When I think back about how scary it all seemed at the beginning of this and how regular life feels today, I hope that a mom sitting at home, worried about her child’s future can hear this story and know that lots of good things are on the horizon.

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