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SEE your best. Get a vision test!


The Children’s Eye Foundation is launching a national public awareness campaign: “SEE Your Best. Get A Vision Test.”


We’re very excited to announce that CEF is launching a new national public awareness campaign. We want to help parents know how important it is for kids to Screen Eyes Early (SEE) by getting a back-to-school vision screening to detect amblyopia. Amblyopia is the #1 cause of preventable, treatable vision loss in children and we want to ensure all children can see their best in the classroom.

Our new campaign features SeeMore, CEF’s smart, spunky owl mascot, who aims to stop preventable vision loss by urging parents to get their kids’ vision screened early so eye disorders can get detected and treated early when treatment works best.


Parents are encouraged to think about good vision as children get ready to go back to school:  80% of vision impairment is preventable, according to the World Health Organization. Yet, a 2017 study predicts that the number of children in the US with preventable vision loss is increasing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all children have an instrument-based vision screening starting at age 1, and eye chart testing as soon as the child is able. 

“Often no one knows the child can’t see well, especially if it is just one eye,” says Dr. Millicent Peterseim, a pediatric ophthalmologist and vision screening expert in Charleston, South Carolina. “It is tragic to have children come in when the problem is detected too late and there is little we can do. If potential problems are caught early treatment is much more effective and vision will be better for the child’s lifetime.”

Make sure your kids are ready to learn their best! To learn more and download a helpful Fact Sheet for Parents, visit www.SeeMore.Today