Thank you Peter Montana and Miraflex! – Children's Eye Foundation of AAPOS

Thank you Peter Montana and Miraflex!

Peter Montana and Miraflex reach $50,000 Giving Milestone!


This is a story of remarkable generosity and cheerful giving, and it is our honor to salute Peter Montana and Miraflex for reaching $50,000 in lifetime giving to the Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS. Peter started giving what he could to CEF in 2006. His first gift was $25, when his business was just getting off the ground and he humbly pledged to give what he could every year, and we are grateful for his long-time, loyal support!

We congratulate Peter and thank him for his sustaining generosity.

Peter’s work as one of the founders of Miraflex began because of his father’s work as owner of a vinyl factory that made checkbook covers and transparency slide pockets. His knowledge of non-metal materials was key to the development of Miraflex frames, which have no metal parts. As factory orders for transparency covers were declining fast, the opportunity to produce and market plastic Miraflex frames in the US was emerging. He began knocking on optical shop doors, and after 48 “NO’s”, he was ecstatic to finally get an order for 100 frames. His perseverance paid off, as well as his keen mind to recognize the opportunity when he learned this shop served pediatric ophthalmology practices.

As they say, the rest is history! He became an exhibitor at the AAPOS scientific meeting in 2003 when there were only six exhibitors. He saved every dime when he traveled, yet making it a priority to give back what he could. It was at an AAPOS meeting that Peter met former Children’s Eye Foundation chairman, the beloved Dr. George Beauchamp, in whose memory Peter dedicates every gift he bestows to CEF.

Peter cares deeply about the mission we serve to end preventable blindness in children. Miraflex also gives annual gifts to every children’s hospital in the US. When we asked Peter what inspires him to give year after year to CEF, he simply said: “it’s a duty and a blessing. A lot of people believe you do something to get something in exchange, I don’t.”

“I’m blessed with so much. I’m just happy to be able to give to support CEF.”

Peter, we salute you and Miraflex for making change happen in pediatric ophthalmology, not only by supporting the work of Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS, but also through professional service to the profession. We are inspired by your vibrant energy, your cheerful spirit, your tenacious drive, and your thankful heart.

If you would like to make change happen, and follow Peter’s example, please give what you can this giving season. Whether it’s $25, $100, or $1,000, every gift counts! When you give to CEF, you change a lifetime!


Your gift to Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS means:

  • RESEARCH so there is hope for new treatments and cures to stop preventable blindness in kids.
  • EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES for patients, physicians, and other professionals so every child can get the best care possible.
  • PREVENTION AWARENESS because 80% of vision loss is preventable or treatable if caught in time. Every parent needs to know to screen eyes early.