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The Guide for Instrument-based Vision Screening


At the Children’s Eye Foundation, our mission is to eliminate preventable blindness in children.

Early detection plays a critical part and fortunately the evolution of instrument based screening technology has been a real game-changer in catching potential vision problems early enough for treatment to be as successful as possible.


In 2016, we launched our Screen Eyes Early (SEE) campaign to increase awareness about the priority of eye and vision health and the important role of vision screening. As part of this campaign, we published our Instrument-Based Vision Screening Guide: A Practical Guide for Primary Care Physicians. This guide offers practical advice for incorporating instrument-based screening in pediatric practices and can be found and downloaded here.

Instrument-based screening technology is revolutionizing early detection and prevention of amblyopia by allowing screening of more children at a younger age. Primary care physicians play a critical role in detection of vision problems through instrument-based screening in the preschool and school aged groups.

“Effective preschool vision screening is now easily doable in the medical home. If we work together to implement this screening we will all be much more effective in our mission to eliminate preventable vision loss in children.”– Dr. Jack Baker, Former CEF Chairman, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology Wayne State University School of Medicine

Additionally, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine issued the Vision for Tomorrow Report in September 2016, stating, “Ensuring that people receive proper visual acuity screenings and preventative eye care services and adhere to effective eye protection practices would eliminate thousands of preventable or correctable cases of vision impairment that result each year from amblyopia and eye injuries. Failure of the United States to address these sources of preventable suffering and disparity is simply not acceptable.”

To see the American Academy of Pediatrics’ endorsement of CEF’s Instrument-Based Vision Screening in Children: A Practical Guide for Primary Care Physicians check out the statement published in Pediatrics.

Vision screening at the pediatrician or primary care physician’s office will help thousands of kids benefit from early intervention: be sure to ask your child’s doctor about vision screening!