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Watch Jack’s Story About Congenital Cataracts

Meet Jack!
There’s something about cute babies in glasses that’s hard to resist.  We’ve all seen videos of little babies getting glasses for the first time and their faces light up. That joyful moment, when the child’s face lights up in a smile, we call that a “See More Smile!” Jack’s family has experienced a “See More Smile”. Jack was born with congenital bilateral cataracts. Watch their story to hear about Jack and the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment.



Early detection and prompt treatment are super important to helping children to see their best and to prevent permanent vision loss. When a child is diagnosed with a serious eye condition, such as congenital cataracts or strabismus or glaucoma, it can be very difficult and disruptive for a family. Jack’s family shared their story with CEF for our little ambassadors program.


CEF’s little ambassadors program aims to do 3 things:
1) Provides support for other families at a time when they need it most
2) Increases awareness about the importance of early detection & treatment
3) Helps parents to share their appreciation for their pediatric ophthalmologist


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