Vision Loss in Children is Preventable

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10 Things Parents Should Know to Keep their Child’s Eyes Healthy for Life

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Exciting News! The Indiana Lions are the first statewide partner of All Children See.

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Thank you Sir Knights!

The Children's Eye Foundation of AAPOS is deeply grateful to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation for their transformative gift of $684,800 to support Stop Infant Blindness in Africa, an initiative to end preventable vision loss and blindness from Retinopathy of Prematurity in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The Curious Eye

The Children's Eye Foundation of AAPOS is proud to introduce The Curious Eye, the world's first interactive children's book to help screen for color vision deficiency (CVD), commonly known as color blindness. Our book follows the journey of "Curious", a playful eyeball on a journey to find out how we all see differently.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where preventable vision loss in children is eliminated. Through direct patient care, accelerating treatments, training physicians and educating the public, our goal is to ensure that every child has the best vision possible.


50+ Years of Saving Sight

The Children's Eye Foundation of AAPOS is proud of its 50-year history of helping children have the best vision possible! Click to learn more about our history.
Our History!


All Children See

All Children See provides children—who do not have insurance or access to care for other financial reasons—with eye exams and helps coordinate after care for up to 1 year for any condition diagnosed in the initial exam.

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Our Mission

End preventable vision loss and improve the lives of visually impaired children worldwide


"I discovered the Children’s Eye Foundation when I was looking online for support for families and children that wear eye patches. The CEF website was wonderful and very helpful. I sent an email and quickly received a response! Thank you for your kindness and interest in James’ story. You and your colleagues are doing wonderful work supporting children and families dealing with eye problems."

–James' Mom

Grateful Parent

“Without the All Children See Program, I could not afford to have my child’s eyes checked after he had trouble with the test at his Pediatrician office. The doctor who saw my son was so nice and put my son right at ease. He now has a pair of glasses and wears an eyepatch over one eye. I am so happy that this program exists because without it, my son wouldn’t have received the treatment he needs to see.”

–Ellen M.

Grateful Parent

 “I cannot tell you how I felt when God opened the door for this little boy that day. You stepped in and ensured [this boy] has a chance at a productive future. He needed extensive eyecare. I mean this truly from my heart. It was amazing how you stepped in and said, “We got this.” Not too many people do that for you. He was falling through the cracks. You guys keep going and doing this work. We need this program.”

–Terrie Rhoades

Teacher, Director Sensory Motor Lab
at Howell Valley School District


Million Children Worldwide are Visually Impaired


of Visual Impairment can be Prevented or Cured


Cause of Preventable Vision Loss in the USA is Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

1 Gift Can Save a Child’s Sight for Life

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