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A Simple Screening Can Save a Sight

Screening eyes early is critically important to CEF of AAPOS’ mission to end preventable vision loss in children. For this reason, we invest considerable resources to educate the public about the importance of early vision screening.

Through videos, educational resources distributed in schools, daycares and community centers, as well as through other promotional materials, CEF of AAPOS provides meaningful, credible education for parents and other care providers to keep children’s eyes healthy.

Increased investment in educational resources enables us to extend our reach and ensure that parents know how important it is to screen eyes early. Early detection leads to much better outcomes.

Spreading the message about the importance of early screening has always been a key part of our mission.
During the 1980s NCECF worked with a major packaging corporation to include symbol-based eye charts and screening messages on milk cartons throughout the country.