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Early blind children have inherent musicality, and many have the potential to become accomplished musicians, but families of blind children often find it frustrating to find an appropriate music teacher. Many music teachers are intimidated by the idea of teaching blind students. Vision Through Music provides better access for blind students to music instruction and will also encourage talented music teachers to work with blind students. If you do not have experience teaching blind students, we want you to experience the excitement and satisfaction of working with blind students. With exposure to music instruction, these children show improved academic performance and social interaction. Most of them will tell you their music is the best thing they do, and their parents are thrilled by their improved quality of life.

In collaboration with the Academy of Music for the Blind (AMB), Vision Through Music offers a virtual course where you will shadow AMB teachers and participate in virtually teaching AMB students. If you wish to enroll in the course, please contact us. vtm@childrenseyefoundation.org

Vision Through Music provides a growing library of instructional materials.